About us

Plantita specialises in making planter stands that look great in any house. There are many various planter stands, pots, HDPE Grow bags, and indoor plants available from Plantita. The planter stands can be used indoors or outdoors and are made of steel. Additionally, Plantita provides a variety of planting options.

Your indoor garden needs the best Plantita containers. From our wide selection of planters, you may pick the perfect pot for your plants. Choose from a variety of alternatives to get the perfect design, colour, and size for your space. For your kitchen and living area, there are even complementary pots available. Even matching pots are available for your kitchen and living space. Our planters are constructed of high-quality components that will last for many years. Order today and enjoy free shipping on orders over Rs.1000/-

If you're searching for a simple, affordable, and sustainable way to start a garden, consider Plantita Grow bags. They are composed of durable HDPE plastic and are reusable every year. Grow bags are a fantastic option for both seasoned and beginning gardeners because they are reusable, can hold soil, and can be irrigated. The HDPE plastic used to make Grow bags is stronger than other plastics and can be recycled. Additionally, they are inexpensive and may be bought in bulk to reduce costs. For those who wish to create a garden without the hassle of beginning from scratch, grow bags are fantastic.

For any style of garden, the Plantita planter stand will be strong, long-lasting, and ideal. The ideal planter stand will be sturdy and capable of supporting any kind of pot or planter. The stand shall be able to support high weights and have a broad, robust base. Additionally, it can support up to 30 kg. The stand will have a smooth finish and be rust- and weather-resistant.